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Ready to market on social media but don't have the time or skills to create your own content? She Is Brand will take a mixture of your brand's photos and videos and our custom curated graphics to develop a calendar for your content. 

10 Day: This will consist of 5 pictures/videos and 5 custom curated graphics.

20 Day: This will consist of 10 pictures/videos and 10 custom curated graphics.

30 Day: This will consist of 15 pictures/videos and 15 custom curated graphics.

*Each day counts for one post! Please contact if you would like to post more than one post a day and we will send you a separate invoice*

*If you do not have pictures, we will use licensed stock photos*

Please submit all of your examples, .pdfs, documents, colors, brand files, and etc to We do prefer for you to share all of your information through a shared online folder. Specifically For Logo Design: Please be ready to answer a series of questions to define your brand so that we can get a clear direction on where to take your logo design. Specifically For Websites: Please have the following information ready: 1. Website Navigation Menu 2. 5+ High Quality Brand Photography Images, Videos and/or Stock Photos 3. Logo Design 4. Typography Files 5. Color Codes 6. Product Images 7. Blog Post 8. All Information you want on your website If there are any additional files needed, we will let you know!