Hey Friend,

I'm so thrilled that you're here! My passion is to help entrepreneurs expand their ideas into a beautiful, cohesive and strong brand that sells. 

The Designer Behind the Brand

I'm Akela Hankins, a graduate of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. My degree is in Communication Arts and the one thing I love about having this degree is that it has taught me the importance of marketing and research and having a credible source to back up all my findings. Throughout college, I never could put my finger on the EXACT thing that I wanted to do but there were a lot of small things that led me to become the full-time brand builder that I am today. I like to consider myself as "your branding bff" because I never want anyone to see me as the girl that knows it all but rather the girl that's experienced to gives you proficient advice to enhance your brand.


Using my degree to an extent, I've learned how to position my brand and my clients brand to sell and make more money. The confidence to build your brand is already inside of you, you just have to believe in yourself and your service or product to push it out. We are all destined for greatness but if we don't step foot in it, we will never see all that we're called to be.

I am the leader of a private Facebook group called The Business Box, where business owners of all kinds gather together to network, share ideas and receive feedback. I believe no matter where we are in our journey, community should always play a part in our growth. 

I also own a business with my wonderful boyfriend, The Creative Couple, where we teach graphic design classes and will be expanding it more as we continue to grow as a couple.

In my free time, I enjoy doodling on my iPad and making skin care videos (weird, right lol) 

I tried to give you all a little about me so that you won't be mislead to who you're working with. I'm not perfect at all things but with the help of the Holy Spirit I've become an expert at what I love doing the most.

She Is Brand is a creative studio that specializes in branding + website design. Our goal and inspiration is to focus on helping entrepreneurs follow their dreams of growing their business, and having a unique brand identity that allows them to accomplish new goals. We create brands for a variety of business from beauty, blogs, consulting, non-profits and so much more. Our niche in branding design results in beautiful websites, brands, logos, and marketing pieces to clients who count luxe style as part of their identity. If you believe that our style is the best fit for your brand, please feel free to contact us. 



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