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She Is Brand is a creative studio that specializes in branding + website design. As believer, our goal and inspiration has been to focus on helping other entrepreneurs, like myself, follow their dreams of growing their business, and having a unique brand identity that allows them to accomplish new goals. We create brands for a variety of business from beauty, blogs, consulting, non-profits and so much more. Our niche in branding design results in beautiful websites, brands, logos, and marketing pieces to clients who count luxe style as part of their identity. If you believe that our style is the best fit for your brand, please feel free to contact us. 

The Designer Behind The Brand

Hello! My name is Akela Hankins, I am the CEO of She Is Brand. I started my design process when I was in college designing party flyers on Poster My Wall and building websites for the blog sites that I wanted to start. At 22, I built a thriving business that allowed me to walk fully in my purpose creating and bring others' dreams to life. I took a major leap of faith June 2018 while I was a graduating senior at The University of Alabama in Huntsville and quit my job at a publishing company where I was an apprentice that did majority of their websites and started doing my own thing. When I graduated college, I knew that I did not want to work for anyone but build a kingdom business that is bigger than I can imagine.


Being an entrepreneur is not all that it is perked up to be and my main goal in life is to share my real life stories as well as business tips to help other entrepreneurs, whether you are just starting or 5 years in, build your brand. I don't believe in competition but I do believe in us coming together to rise to the top. When I'm not in front of my computer, i'm doing things to make myself happy. 

I have another business with my amazing boyfriend, The Creative Couple, where we sell merch, teach other creatives how to strive together as a couple and we also teach graphic design classes. Check us out (: 

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